Niegeloh Solingen 2 pcs Purple High Quality Leather Travel Special Steel Manicure Set Germany

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Material: Special C45 Carbon Steel
Finish: Nickel Plated
Number of pieces: 2
Country: Germany
Niegeloh Solingen 2 pcs Travel Purple High Quality Leather Manicure Set Germany

This 2 piece manicure set is crafted of the special C45 carbon steel and presented in a gorgeous leather case by Shpitser. This material shows an excellent hardening performance. The scissors are nickel-plated, which is approved as long-term rust protection. The brushed finish gives this instrument a very high quality looking surface. The curved extra pointed tips of the scissors make cutting in small areas and trimming cuticles or nails simple. Sapphire nail file is a perfect combination of long lasting durability and consistently great results.The pointed tip cleans underneath your nails. The true all-rounder is two-sided, coarse and fine. Approved to shape nails and to remove rough edges. The blades have coarse and fine coatings, plus chromium plating for extra long life. Tools are crafted by experts in Solingen, Germany, who measure their performance on your satisfaction. Quality made in Solingen. The protective red leather sleeve protects the tools from dust and debris when the tools are not in use. This little kit is perfect for car gloveboxes and makes an excellent stocking stuffer or special treat for yourself or a loved one. Included in this set are the following:

Combination Nail and Cuticle Scissors - 9cm

Sapphire nail file - 9cm

Since we are the official Niegeloh Distributor in the US, we have the whole line of Niegeloh Instruments. So If you would like to choose a different scissors for example a cuticle scissors or nail scissors from the same collection instead of the combination nail scissors, just let us know and we will do this for you. 

Material: Special C45 carbon Steel          Made in Solingen Germany

Finish: Nickel Plated                                 By Niegeloh

Number of pieces: 2



Niegeloh Solingen is the world leader in producing the highest quality manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function. 


Case Information

Color: Purple

Material: Leather

Width:  2.25 inch

Length:  4 inch


 The highest quality of durable cowhide covers both the inside and outside of the case

 Size: 100 x 55 mm


The Case for this Set Made by Shpitser - Luxury Leather Accessories for Grooming Tools to the highest professional standards. Shpitler promise is absolute top quality that will give a long lasting service and make an excellent gift that will be cherished. It is ethically made following fair trade practices and without any child labour involved. If you think the best leather accessories, think Shpitser.


Shpitser is the leader in producing the highest quality Accessories for manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function.



Material Special C45 Carbon Steel
Finish Nickel Plated
Number of pieces 2
Country Germany
Manufacturer Niegeloh Solingen
Case Color Purple
Case Material Leather
Width 2.25 inch
Length 4 inch

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