Nail Files

A simple nail file is capable of performing several tasks at once - it gives the nails the desired shape, quickly smooths out the irregularities of the plate without damaging its surface.

Depending on the material, there are the following types of nail files:  

· glass;

· ceramic;

· metal.

The first and second options most carefully treat the nail plate, provide a soft polishing and well trim the shape. Metal products are quite rare. Professional nail masters can use special files made of thickened paper.

When choosing a manicure nail file, it is worth paying attention to the degree of hardness, measured in grits - from 80 to 400. The lowest value of 80 grit means maximum rigidity, such products are suitable for extended nails. For a natural nail plate, you need to choose a nail file with a hardness of 180-400 grit.