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Shpitler 3.5 Inch High Quality Leather Case For Large Nail Nlippers Handcrafted in Germany



High Quality Leather Snap Pouch For Large Nail Nippers by SHPITSER Germany
The hand crafted snap pouch from Shpitser combine the best quality and look. This case will keep your favorite large nail nippers safely stored and ideal for traveling purposes.
With SHPITSER High Quality fitted leather case your tools are perfectly protected and cushioned. It is carefully handcrafted by a professional artisan specialist in fine Amalfi - full-grain leather. 
High quality leather case by Shpitser will protect your investment in your perfect instruments  and will keep them safe from scratches and other damages.
This cases will help to protect your favorite tool from rust, removing humidity from the air in contact with the instrument.




Material: Leather                            
Dimension of the case : 9cm x 3.75cm (approx. 3.5in. x 1.5in)
Instruments shown are for illustrative purposes only. Tools sold separately.
Choose from our variety of colors. 
1. Black Croco
2. Red Croco
3. Purple Croko
4. Raspberry
5. Dark Gray
6. Midium Gray
7. Light Gray
8. Black
9. Red
10. Chocolate Brown
11. Caramel Brown

Shpitser promise is absolute top quality that will give a long lasting service and make an excellent gift that will be cherished. 

If you think the best leather accessories, think Shpitser. 


Shpitser is the leader in producing the highest quality Accessories for manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function.


Material High Quality Leather
Country Germany
Manufacturer Shpitser
Case Color Your Color Choice
Width 3.75cm (1.5in)
Length 9cm (3.55in)

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