Niegeloh Professional Classic TopInox Stainless Steel 9 cm Claw Tweezers Germany

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Material: Topinox Stainless Steel
Finish: Matte
Size: 9cm
Shape: Claw




Niegeloh tweezers are handmade instruments. The use of stainless steel make them anti-allergic and rust-free. Tweezers are an integral part of the nursing instruments, as they are not only extremely practical but also versatile. They can be used especially in the area of beauty care, but also to eliminate splinters in the skin. In particular, the tweezers can optimally shape the eyebrows and thus work out their ideal eyebrow shape. For this purpose, the tweezers have different tip shapes: oblique, curved, straight and pointed. Curved tweezers can drive through the angled ends very easily under skin-close hairs and grasp these directly at the hair root. Quality made in Solingen.


CLAW TWEEZERS           

Material: Topinox Stainless Steel                             
Finish: Matte                                    
Shape: Claw
Size: 9cm 





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Material Topinox Stainless Steel
Finish Matte
Size 9cm
Shape Claw

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