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Omega Professional Pure Bristle Shaving Brush, Handcrafted in Italy

Omega Professional Pure Bristle Shaving Brush, Handcrafted in Italy
Omega Professional Pure Bristle Shaving Brush, Handcrafted in Italy



Omega Pure bristle shaving brush Handcrafted in Italy

Shaving can be fun if you have the Omega Boar Bristle Hair Shaving Brush.

The pure bristles are shaped to fit and not trimmed to form which allows each bristle to retain it's natural taper and providing a smooth exfoliating lather experience ensures a seamless shave.

High-quality bristles are made of all natural boar bristles. They are an extended length and the perfect stiffness to quickly and easily turn shaving soap into a creamy foam. Omega is the leader in shaving for barbers around the world and used in many barbershops..



Material: Pure Boar Bristle with Budger Effect - 2" High.

Handle: Transparent and Black Rasin - 2" High.

Shape: Classic.

Size: 4"

Hancdrafted in Italy.


 Omega Brush                            


Comes in Original Omega packaging

Ships same Business day.


Great For All tskin types. Brush works perfect with any brand of shaving cream, soap or gel.


Founded in 1931, the OMEGA brand, marks a complete range of professional high quality wide selection of shaving brushes and shaving sets both in bristle, badger or synthetic fibers.

OMEGA‘s high quality production is due to the great experience in manufacturing and to the careful selection of raw materials.

The brand is widespread not only in Italy but all over the World, even in those countries where a well-established and qualified domestic production exists.


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