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For children

For children

Young mothers have to learn the intricacies of a simple edged manicure almost from the first days of the baby's life. It’s easy to choose the right manicure tool for yourself, but it’s more difficult to choose childrens’ scissors. Before buying, you need to know a few nuances:

• Manufacturers of these tools make the tips of the blades coarser and rounded so that the parents cannot cut the thin nail plate to the skin, but leave the normal length of the nails.

• The blades are always very sharp and properly sharpened. A manicure session is best done after bathing when the child is calm and relaxed. After water procedures, the nail plate becomes thinner and can be removed with one click, without “chewing”.

Scissors for children can most often be purchased from medical steel, which is used to produce surgical instruments.


Brand: Niegeloh
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Brand: Niegeloh
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