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Cuticle Nippers


harder, sharper, durable - made in germany.

You can choose from different models to fit your individual needs. We offer three different types and three different lengths (3 mm, 5 mm and 7 mm).



         Standard:                                                                     Triangular:                                                                  Extra-pointed:

For coarse and cracked skin                                       For calluses and cuticles,                                                For precise cuts along

                                                                                    particulary at the corners.                                                the curved cuticle line.                                                       


Brand: ERBE
About this itemQUALITY ASSURANCE: Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany by the trained adult artisans From Highest Quality Premium Stainless Steel. ERBE one of the global leading manufacturers of manicure ..
Brand: Henbor
PROFESSIONAL MANICURE TOOL WITH HIGH QUALITY AND DESIGN Henbor Professional Cuticle Remover Manicure Tool featuring a stainless steel body and hand crafted ergonomic handle with a contoured edge and..
Niegeloh Solingen TopInox Standard 5mm Jaw Cuticle Nippers Germany Hand Crafted
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Brand: Niegeloh
  NIEGELOH PROFESSIONAL - THE CUTICLE NIPPER   You can choose from six different models to fit your individual needs. We offer three different types and three d..
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