Among the special tools for manicure, there is a pusher nail cleaner tool - a tool for pushing the cuticle and modeling the hole of the nail plate with detailed accuracy.

 This device can be used for several tasks:

· unedged manicure with oils and removers;

· cleansing the sinuses and the free edge of the nail from dirt;

· models with paddles allow to apply gel varnish under the cuticle;

· replaces the fan brush while strengthening nails gel;

· using a spatula, loose materials can be used to complete nail design.

Pay attention to the material from which the tool is made. Quality is a pusher, which is made of high quality stainless medical steel. It is easy to sharpen, it is easy to disinfect and such models are highly resistant to wear. Shapes of the blades are different, so you can choose the option for a specific task.