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Shpitser Bohemian Crystal Dual Texture Pedicure Bar Rasp File 6mm Thick in High Quality Leather Case


Shpitser Authentic Bohemian Crystal Glass Dual Texture Pedicure Bar in High Quality Leather Case By SHPITSER, 16.5cm 
Glass, unlike metal or other material, offers a very gentle abrasion and prevents tearing. That is why Shpitser nail files have also been used for fine edge-grinding by modeler so and goldsmith or for feed adjustments by musicians.

Rather than gluing abrasive substances to the surface, only the patented chemical technology used in our crystal glass files to create the coarse top layer. This minimizes wear and tear of the file allowing it as much as 10000 hours of nail filing - lasting a lifetime.

Dual side world's first crystal glass Foot Bar offers a very gentle abrasion and prevents tearing
 achieve healthy looking feet. One side of the foot bar is formed in waves and ripples to add to the coarseness and more easily remove stubborn calluses. The opposite side is etched as well to make a fine flat filing surface providing an excellent smoothing action for finishing. This crystal glass pedicure bar isn’t just for smoothing heels and removing calluses. The etched flat side makes it a good choice for filing and finishing toenails as well. The etched texture reduces the risk of nail bed cracking and delamination. Don’t sand those nails, seal them.
SHPITSER glass foot bar is a hygienic tool for precise foot care. Our 16.5 cm (6.5 in) file with thickness of 6 mm for extra sturdiness is ideal especially effective if your callus tends to re-grow very thick. Double sided surface has double function: the coarse side shaves away dry skin while the fine side gently smoothes the skin. 
Our Shpitser Crystal Glass Manicure Nail File is made in Czech Republic of tempered glass with unlimited guaranty on the abrasive surface. It comes with High quality fitted leather case which gives an extra protection.




Material: Patented Bohemian Crystal Glass                                                                    
Color: green
Size: 16.5cm (6.5 inch) x 3.5cm (1.4 inch)
Thickness:  6 mm
Handle Size:  5cm (2 inch) 
Made in Czech Republic 
Quantity: 1
Comes with high quality leather case


  • Fully patented 
  • Filing surface is guaranteed to last a lifetime

Care: Wash regularly in warm soapy water, rinse and allow to dry naturally. This can also be sterilized in an autoclave



Shpitser is the leader in producing the highest quality Instruments and Accessories for manicure and pedicure instruments distinguished by workmanship design and function.





Handle green
Material Patented Bohemian Crystal Glass
Size 16.5cm
Country Czech Republic
Manufacturer Shpitser

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